Holdem Blackjack: information about the new online game, Holdem Blackjack

Holdem Blackjack

Holdem Blackjack Rules

Before you start with the game Holdem Blackjack it is important to understand the rules of the game and what you can or can not do.

Holdem Blackjack Table
The Holdem Blackjack Table has place for a maximum of six players at a time.

Card Values
2-10: face value.
J-K: value of ten.
A: 1 or 11, player may choose during the game.
Hand value: the sum of all the cards in a hand.

Hand Ranking
The best hand possible is when a player has 7 cards without going over a total sum of 21, 7 Card Charlie.
The next best are the regular card sums, 21, 20, etc..
When all the hands are over 21 the hand which is closest to 21 will win.
All the players with a total sum of 21 have an equal hand.

Dealer Button
This button (small piece of plastic) indicates who the dealer is at a table. The button moves round the tabel in a clockwise position after every round.

Holdem Blackjack Blinds and Antes
The player sitting to the left of the dealer has to post the small blind, half the amount of the big blind.
The player to the left of the small blind has to post the big blind which is equal to the minimum table bet.

Betting Rounds
All the betting rounds are limited in Holdem Blackjack, example; 2/4/4-20. This means that the first betting round is limited to 2, the second to 4 and the third and last betting round is variable, minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20. Each round has a maximum of one bet and three raises.

1st Betting Round
All the playing players are dealt one card face down and the first betting round can commence. The player left of the big blind has to starts the action first and fold, call or raise. This will continue in a clockwise position untill all the players have an equal bet on the table.

2nd Betting Round
Each playing player receives an additional card which is dealt face up, everyone can see this second card. The action starts again but now by the player who posted the small blind.

3rd and Final Betting Round
Players who are still in the game may now hit or stand. Each player is allowed to decide for themselves and all the cards are dealt face down. A player may have a total of more than 21 and still be in the game, all players can draw to a maximum seven cards. The action in this round starts with the player who posted the small blind.

Just like in the poker game, when all the players have bet an equal amount the showdown will commence and the cards will be placed open on the table and a winner will be chosen. The winner will get the total sum of the pot and the next round will start just like in Texas Hold'em poker.

As you can see this form of Blackjack is very similar to Texas Hold'em poker and can be just as exciting. This is exactly the reason why many online poker players are so interested in this game, Holdem Blackjack.